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Navan, Only 2 hours from Dublin every day for tens of thousands of people in Commuter Hell.

Chair of the Meath On Track Campaign & Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín (Aontú) has hit out at the government for seemingly excluding the Navan Rail Line extension from their €1 billion National Recovery and Resilience Plan presented to Europe, whilst there is increased investment in existing commuter rail in Cork.


An Teachta Tóibín:


“It is another slap in the face for our communities in Meath to see the government completely omit the Navan Rail Line extension from their National Recovery & Resilience Plan, whilst existing commuter rail links in Cork get increased investment. We have been campaigning for years to extend the train to Navan, which will have untold benefits in terms of investment, regeneration and also in the fight against climate change. It has become a hallmark of politics in Meath, for government TDs, Ministers and Cllrs to promise to extend the rail line – but when push comes to shove, the promises prove to be hollow… This was an opportunity to secure funding for the extension from the EU, particularly in light of our increased EU contributions, for boosting public transport to county with a rapidly growing population and a sizeable commuter community. It was passed up, and once again the people of Meath snubbed when the government begins dishing out resources.”


Meath has the largest number of commuters in the country.  More Meath workers leave Meath to go to work than actually work in the county. This happens in no other county in Ireland. Meath people commute further than commuters in any other county and Navan is the biggest town with out a rail line. There is a review happening and I welcome that. But given that the government has highlighted other rail projects, the omission of the Navan to Dublin rail line will lead to significant disappointment to the tens of thousands of commuters who are being condemned to many more years of 2 and 3 hour daily commutes.  


“This is not an isolated incident. From Garda resources, to the Navan Rail Line, to Navan Hospital, Meath consistently loses out when it comes to resources and supports – and must fight against the existing services being further cut. The government TDs and Ministers from Meath at the table need are not doing their job of making sure Meath gets her fair share when resources and supports are being allocated.”


By Aontú Press | 2 June, 2021

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