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Closure of Maternity Services at Causeway Hospital Will Endanger Lives - Brolly

Aontú Deputy Leader Gemma Brolly has expressed extreme concern at today’s announcement by the Trust, possibly endangering the lives of mothers and babies and implores staff and the public to have their say in the upcoming consultation.

“As someone who has had the fortune to access excellent maternity services at Causeway Hospital, I find it shocking that local families within this catchment could now find themselves travelling to Antrim Area Hospital. The public will be presented it seems with two “clinically deliverable options” with moving all 900 births to Antrim with early pregnancy assessment units, antenatal, postnatal and ambulatory services at Causeway Hospital or moving 600-700 including an option of a Freestanding Midwifery Unit in Causeway Hospital for approximately 200-300 women suitable for low intervention midwifery-led care and birth.”

Mrs Brolly continued “Upon learning this news I did something the Trust has yet to do and consulted those I know within the Trust’s maternity services, those who work on the ground with years of experience. Despite this, they are not shown the respect they deserve and hear from the Press like everyone else. This latest scenario is yet another example of the damaging effects of mismanagement within the Trust and within our non-governing government which may essentially place the lives of many in danger. Perhaps the powers that be would like to consult their midwives first on their feelings regarding Midwifery-led Units before posing them as a viable option."

"I have also accessed outstanding maternity services in Antrim Area Hospital. To increase the pressure on this hospital by 600-900 births is a huge demand. There are already issues with staffing, how would a change in location assist in this problem? Plans for a new Maternity Unit in Antrim are 5 to 7 years down the line. We have rumours of relocation of elective sections, references to Paediatrics Services moving out of Causeway Hospital as well as Obstetrics, yet Antrim Area Hospital are currently at full capacity in Labour and Antenatal Wards.”

Mrs Brolly concluded “The Northern Trust have advised they will seek approval to proceed to public consultation on Maternity Services. It is shocking to think at this stage they have not consulted their most valued resource – their staff on the ground. I would urge everyone, staff and the public themselves, to participate in this consultation, to fight to ensure we have the highest accessible standard to maternity services possible and accept nothing less.” Concluded Brolly




By Aontú Press | 1 December, 2022

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