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Taoiseach is directly responsible for the safety of the two officers left behind in the Congo

Aontú leader Deputy Peadar Tóibín is 'alarmed' at reports of two members of the defence forces who have been 'left behind' in the Congo.





The deputy said:



"There is increasing concern among Irish Army personnel and their families with regards the dangerous situation developing in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The reports I have received are alarming – I have been told that “everything is very up in the air” and that 'the situation is volatile, deteriorating daily and becoming dangerous". I have been told that the “officers, one male and one female, are not in a UN complex, they're in an apartment with only personal weapons to protect themselves”.






“These two officers were supposed to be repatriated on March 30th and April 14th respectively and yet this government can’t get it together to commission a plane to transport the soldiers. Its amazing that a fruit farm can commission a plane to transport seasonal workers in a pandemic and our government remain paralysed”.






“The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is the Minister for Defence. He is directly responsible for the safety of these two officers. It is one thing to disrespect our defence forces in terms of pay and allowances, but to think that two of our nation's brave officers have been physically left behind in the Congo is an outrage".


By Aontú Press | 25 May, 2020

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