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Why are Loyalist Paramilitaries, armouries intact, are allowed exist at all? – Herdman

The Loyalist Communities Council is sabre rattling again. Aontú West Belfast Rep Gerard Herdman, is calling for an investigation into why Loyalist Paramilitaries, armouries intact, are allowed exist at all? He asks “Is it incompetence or deliberate policy”?


Herdman stated;


“What is the hold that loyalists have on the PSNI and British intelligence services? An obvious question, given that they continue to exist and thrive two decades after their stated ceasefire. They are recruiting new blood to their ranks and putting them to work in drugs, prostitution and extortion. So, it is not a matter of waiting until the ‘old guard’ pass on, since a whole new generation is there to take their place”.


“Given that loyalist paramilitaries continue their activities, armouries intact, why have they not been stopped – especially when you consider the extensive technological and other resources available to organisations such as MI5? Only two reasons seem likely: incompetence or deliberate policy”.


“The prevailing theory is that loyalism has a bank of evidence on British Collusion which has given them a ‘get out of jail free card’. Whether this is the reason or not, it does present two further related questions: given the current and future constitutional transition, will the various paramilitary groups use violence to try and frustrate these changes and will the British state exhibit ‘collusive behaviours’ again (ie facilitate maiming, murder and turn that blind Nelson eye as they did during the Troubles). Aontú is calling for a public inquiry into why these paramilitaries are being tolerated”.


“The Loyalist Communities Council (LCC) have been flexing their vocal muscle of late. They have railed against the protocol, Ireland’s Future and any talk of joint authority. Their pronouncements are often apocalyptic and menacing. We have to hope that they are indulging in some form of self-justified sabre rattling to satisfy their tiny base. Worryingly, we can’t count on that being the case. The working title of the group hardly conceals the dangerous organisations behind the name”. 


“Aontú are asking for all parties and especially the DUP to condemn these threats and to name the loyalist groups responsible. A general, “We don’t condone violence from any quarter” isn’t good enough anymore. Those dark days should not be permitted to return. They should be a bitter memory, not a part of the bright future most of us are trying to create”.


“Hopefully the LCC will think long and hard about the inflammatory language they are using. The bad times should be remembered, not repeated. Democracy here cant be twisted to suit the purposes of the powerful, the will of the people must win in the end for all our people. The LCC should exist only as an old boys club. The fact that it has teeth to make any threats a bloody reality is down to British securocrats. Why have those teeth not been pulled?



By Aontú Press | 3 November, 2022

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