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What Health and Economic Modelling has the Government undertaken to understand the Cost of the Extended Lockdown – Tóibín

Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín TD has submitted official Parliamentary Questions to a range of Ministers asking the government what Health and Economic Modelling has been undertaken by the government to forecast the health and economic costs of the extended lockdown. He stated;

There is no doubt that we need to put people’s health first. It is also important lockdown decisions are made on the basis of best health and scientific evidence. However its clear that the extended lockdown is in itself a major threat to health and wellbeing in the future. Its logical that the government would undertake a cost/benefit analysis to the steps that they are taking. Has this been done and if so the government should make this information available to TDs.

We in Aontú have been highlighting for over a month the threat that Hospital Avoidance and cancelled procedures poses. ED attendances have fallen by 30%-40%. Rate of hospital admission has fallen significantly. As of today, there are 1,300 beds that are empty in the health service. Occupancy levels in private hospitals is at 50%. Stroke and Cardiology care has fallen significantly. I know of cancer services that have been cancelled or postponed. Waiting lists are rising significantly leads for outpatients.

There is enormous damage being done to the economy. This will have massive repercussions for years to come. It will negatively influence investment on health care, housing and education for years to come. Poverty shortens lives. It’s a major factor in the health of people. What economic modelling did the government undertake when it decided on the parameters of the extended lockdown.

There must be an appropriate response to the health threat. But we must be able to justify each aspect of this response on the basis of clear research and evidence. I am asking the government to detail this with the Irish people.

By Aontú Press | 6 May, 2020

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