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Victims and Survivors of the Glenanne Gang Meet With the Taoiseach

Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín TD, Aontú Deputy Leader Cllr Denise Mullen, and survivors and families of the victims of the Glenanne Gang, met with an Taoiseach Micheal Martin at government buildings today to discuss justice for the victims of British collusion, and efforts to oppose the proposed amnesty for British crimes in the North.


Cllr Denise Mullen: “The survivors and the victims’ families of the Glenanne Gang have had to fight too long to have their voices heard. Today’s meeting with the Taoiseach was incredibly important to those who have lost loved ones and survived British collusion, to speak to the head of the Irish government directly about what needs to be done to ensure justice is secured. My father was murdered in cold blood, and only last week was I in court to see his killer imprisoned for his death threats against me. The troubles may be over, but the troubles of the past are still unresolved.”


“At this very time, Boris Johnson and his Tory government are determined to ensure British crimes in the North are never met with justice, and that the truth of British collusion with loyalist paramilitaries remains unknown. I, fellow survivors, and victims’ families were able today to raise our fears about this unconscionable amnesty and how the Irish government should respond. Survivors, victims and victims’ families, of the Glenanne Gang deserve justice.”


An Teachta Tóibín: “Nearly 25 years since the end of the Troubles, it is simply unacceptable that there has been no comprehensive investigation has been completed into the 120 bloody murders carried by the Glenanne Gang which claimed the lives of so many innocent Catholics. The Miami Showband Massacre, the sectarian murders of the Reavey and O’Dowd families, the Dublin and Monaghan bombs – the list goes on. We urged the Irish government to raise these cases with the British Government. Many of the families of those who have been murdered are getting to an age where they don’t have long to live. Its key that renewed pressure is placed on the British Government to reveal what happened”.


“Boris Johnson is seeking to thwart the legal system. In seeking to introduce an amnesty, he is looking to allow people get away with murder. We urged the government to consider all legal avenues available internationally to protect the justice elements of the Good Friday Agreement. We also called on the government to allow information in the hands of the Gardaí to be made available to the Jon Boucher Investigation. Shocking there is information in the hands of the Gardaí is is not being made available and this needs to change. I would like to thank the Taoiseach for meeting with us today, certainly considering neither Enda Kenny or Leo Varadkar ever agreed to our request to meet with the survivors of the Glenanne Gang.

By Aontú Press | 29 November, 2021

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