Aontú Deputy Leader Derry Cllr Anne McCloskey has accused Boris Johnson and the Tories of attempting to utilise the pandemic to strong-arm Ireland and Europe on Brexit. She stated;

“Border communities in the North of Ireland and our Irish economy are being treated as acceptable collateral damage, to satisfy hard-line Brexiteers. This is shocking particularly at a time when most nations are facing the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, a collapse in tax revenue and potentially large falls in exports”.

“We in Aontú are calling on the Southern Government and Northern Executive to oppose strenuously a ‘no deal’ Brexit and to lobby the British government to abandon their reckless pursuit”.

“The Coronavirus and lockdown have precluded any substantive negotiations taking place. The British government are refusing to countenance an extension period to conclude negotiations – notwithstanding the desire of the people for an extension. The exploitation of the pandemic to shamelessly force through the British will in terms of Brexit exhibits the primacy of British politics over the well-being of Irish people. This is another lesson, if one were needed, of the logic of All Ireland Self Determination and the cost of London Rule”.


“The disgraceful actions of this government may well force a hard border once more upon border communities, potentially with all of the threats and costs that that could entail. The Good Friday Agreement and any progress made since its 1998 are at risk given the feckless regard the Tories have shown for the special status of the North. How is any policy which seriously risks inflaming tensions in the North and which abrogates the landmark peace agreement of our time worth pursuing”?

“The dangerous approach of the Tories not only endangers the British people, but the people of all the 32 counties of Ireland. It is time for the southern government and northern executive to stand up for the interests of the Irish people, and protect the people from a British government which exhibits the age-old historical disdain and disregard for the Irish people.