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The Government Seek Meeting to Discuss the Closure of Navan A&E

The Chairperson of the Save Navan Hospital Campaign Peadar Tóibín has received communication from the office of Stephen Connolly which states that the government seeks to discuss the closures of the A&E in Navan Hospital. Deputy Tóibín stated;
"Its quite shocking that a few weeks ago Ireland was in semi lockdown and our news, each night, was full of the threat to life and health that was Covid and yet today I received an email from the Minister for Health which seeks to reopen the prospect of our A&E being closed. Its just a few months ago when 10,000 people marched on the streets of Navan to prevent the then plan to close our A&E. Luckily we did as the country was soon i the grip of another Covid wave".   
I have email the Minister a number of key questions to in relation to the FF/FG/Green plan to close our A&E. These include;
"Why are Senior Clinicians in Hospitals surrounding Navan hospital of the opinion that closing Navan A&E is reakless and dangerous? People are waiting for 11 hours in the A&E in Drogheda hospital to be seen. Staff in Connolly Hospital were out on protest at conditions before Christmas in their A&E. Does the Minister agree with the research, published in the Emergency Medicine Journal, in Britain that there is a significant increase in mortality following ED waits over more than five hours? Has the Minister carried out similar research here in Ireland?  

Does the Minister agree with the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine that there are approximately 350-360 excess deaths per year as a result of ED delays and overcrowding? If the Minister does not agree with this analysis can the Minister identify what is incorrect in their analysis? How many citizens do not have access to a GP in Meath? How many extra patients will use NEDOC if you close the A&E? Where will this capacity come from?  How many extra patients will use GP services in Meath if you close the A&E? Where will this capacity come from?

 Where would Covid patients needing a hospital bed and covid patients needing an ICU bed have gone exactly during the last 6 months if plans had proceeded to close Navan A&E?  How many patients would have lost their lives to Covid if the lifesaving services at Navan A&E were removed as planned?

Is Covid over and capacity is not needed? What is the difference in life expectancy for citizens if they live beside an A&E or if they live more than 30 miles from an A&E?  What are the average waiting times and the longest waiting times for each Health Care need at Navan Hospital and the rest of the hospitals in the IEHG? How many people are on each of these waiting lists?

Why was Orthopaedic treatment in Navan Hospital suspended before Christmas? What role did the pressure on A&E play in this suspension? Why was all elective General Surgery cancelled in Navan Hospital before Christmas? Was it to free up nursing staff to cover the overcrowding in Navan A&E?  How much did the HSE spend on upgrading the A&E in Navan last year?

What is the HSE population modelling for Meath and its towns for the next 10 years? What is the necessary population in Meath in order to have a functioning A&E? Has the Minister considered the major flooding event or the fire event in Tara Mines when deciding on the future of Hospital?

By Aontú Press | 2 February, 2022

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