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The Government Plans to Teach Primary School Children About Trans Issues Ignores Consent of Most Parents

Commenting on the Governments’ Plans to teach Primary School children about trans issues Aontú Leader Peadar Tóbín stated;

“Firstly, our education system needs to be one of compassion. Gender dysphoria is real and is not easy for anyone. All students, no matter their orientation or identity should be treated with respect and compassion. All citizens are equal and valued in a republic”.

“The Government is seeking to implement radical change in our primary education system without any real debate. They are doing this against the consent of most parents. Research by many polling companies in Ireland show that most parents think that 8- and 9-year-old children are too young to learn about what it means to be transgender. Parents’ wishes should be at the centre of any changes to the education system. Pluralism is also key. Parents should have the choice of ethos within education”. 

“Also, many people don’t trust the government’s approach to this serious issue. Leading doctors including some from National Gender Service have said that the government’s approach to transgenderism is not evidence based. The Government’s approach is highly ideological. Professor Donal O'Shea stated at an Oireachtas Committee that activists are 'brainwashing' politicians and HSE management when it comes to proposed new gender recognition laws”.

“I have spoken to secondary school teachers who have been told on ‘in service days’ not to use the words mother and father in class, that they are not inclusive enough. The NCCA have links on their website to source material for teachers that advise teachers not to use the words boys and girls in class for the same reason”.

“This government tried to delete the word woman from maternity legislation and only reversed due to the back lash. The HSE removed the word “woman” from cervical cancer information. The government seek to provide a right to transition from one gender to another for some children under 18 without parental consent and against medical advice”.

“The Taoiseach is putting pressure on Irish Rugby to reverse their decision to ensure Women’s rugby remains female only, this despite the scientific evidence that shows that male born players are on average taller, heavier, have more muscle mass and larger lungs. This means that they will do more damage in impacts and have a clear competitive advantage”.

“Much of the western world is retreating from the policy of gender affirmation due to the increasing numbers of people who are detransitioning. These are often people whose gender was affirmed by the state services without due diligence or efforts to identify or treat comorbidities that led to the gender dysphoria in the first place. Gender affirmation can leads to significant surgery and chemical treatment that is irreversible and leaves long last damage such as infertility. In Scotland Nichola Sturgeon had to resign in part because her government sought to house a male born rapist in a women’s prison. In Ireland there are male born sex offenders in women’s prison and there is not a word about it. Ireland is a debate free zone. This is not how a functional liberal democracy works”.  

     “I asked the Taoiseach in the Dáil what research the Department of Education had undertaken as to the impact on children as young as 8 or 9 years old being taught about transgenderism. The Taoiseach refused to answer because no research has been undertaken. The Government is embarking on radical change against the wishes of most parents without debate or research. The government is bringing Culture Wars into the Irish political system for ideological reasons. Our duty of care to those in these challenging circumstances demands more than this."






By Aontú Press | 9 March, 2023

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