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The Equivalent to 5 Classes a Week are Being Lost Under New Abortion Law -Tóibín

Speaking on the publication of the Abortion figures for 2020 from the Department of Health, Aontú Leader & Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has called the 13,243 lives that have been ended in just 2 years in this state a heart breaking tragedy.


He stated


“In the first 2 years of the new Abortion legislation, 13,243 unborn lives have been ended legally in this state. This is a larger number of human beings that live in towns such as Arklow or Cobh.  The lives of 17 unborn children are being ended each day.  To put this in its shocking context, this equates to 5 classes of children a week”.   


“This means that since 2019 and the change in the laws pertaining to abortion, we have seen a massive 70% increase in the number of unborn lives lost under the new abortion regime. Its not a case that abortions are happening in Ireland instead of Britain. The numbers have radically increased”.


“Once again despite the claims of Abortion Campaigners, abortion in Ireland is anything but ‘safe, legal and rare.’ Its now legal, but it is certainly not safe for the child and certainly not rare. According to the 2020 abortion figures, 98.1% of abortions were carried out on healthy mothers and healthy babies. This was the same as in 2019, where 98.2% of abortions were carried out on healthy mothers and healthy children according to the information released by the department”.


Of the 6,577 abortions which took place, 25 took place where the risk to life or health. In 2019 24 abortions took place on the basis of the risk to life or health. 197 abortions in two years have taken place on the basis of condition likely to lead to the death of the unborn child. This means that of the 13,243 abortions that took place, 12,997 of those abortions were carried out on healthy mothers and healthy babies.


“This year marks the three year review of the abortion legislation. There are already efforts to further deregulate abortion, including abolition of the three day waiting period and expanding the amount of abortion services. This would mean that there would be no mandatory contemplation time at all for such a life and death decision.


“Aontú believes that everyone in Irish society should have their lives protected. We must have compassion for the weakest and most vulnerable in society. We need to provide every social and economic supports possible to mothers so that they can raise their child to their full potential”.

By Aontú Press | 29 June, 2021

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