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The British Strain and the Lack of Mandatory Self Isolation is Responsible for 45% of Covid cases in Ireland

Aontú Leader & Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has called for mandatory self-isolation for travellers to Ireland, as passengers from Britain and Brazil come into the country with no Covid test taken in Ireland. “If advice to self-isolate was enough there would be no Covid Strains in Ireland. It does not work. Isolation must be mandatory for travellers”.

“The British variant accounts for 45% of all Covid-19 cases in Ireland. The failure of the government to implement mandatory self-isolation and the lack of north south cooperation is directly responsible for at least 45% of all Covid cases in this state. Covid has been reseeded here at least on 3 occasions. This will happen again and again until the government gets airport testing, mandatory self-isolation and north south cooperation right”.

An Teachta Tóibín:

“Aontú has been warning the government since the first case of Covid-19 in this country, that their approach must address Covid-19 coming into the country just as much as Covid-19 already in the country. There was a complete failure to put any safeguards into place at airports as travellers from Covid-rampant countries arrived without restriction. The Minister for Health was given emergency powers to order mandatory self-isolation, but these powers have not been used as of yet. Travellers from so-called red countries could flaunt public health guidelines with no prospect of repercussion or punishment. Even during some of the darkest days of the pandemic, flights from northern Italy, Dallas, and Johannesburg were still arriving on Irish shores.”

“In contravention of emergency public health regulations, approximately 80 passengers from Britain and Brazil have been let into the country with no Covid test. This is despite the presence of new strains of Covid-19 in both these countries, which present additional public health fears. The Department of Justice has also confirmed that passengers will be allowed to continue their journey to Ireland even if their Covid test status is unclear. This is outrageous. What is the purpose of mandatory testing if it is now the policy of the DOJ to waive the requirement where there is uncertainty? This, in effect, neuters the new regulations and negates their efficacy. According to latest polling 90% of Irish people support mandatory self-isolation for travellers into the country. There is the public support and demand for the restrictions, the government must deliver and secure our borders against Covid-19.”

By Aontú Press | 18 January, 2021

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