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That Minister Troy Can’t See Blinding Conflict of Interest Puts His Judgement in Doubt -Tóibín

Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín has criticised Robert Troy for not declaring a conflict of interest while using Dáil time to advocate for rental schemes which he benefited from.

Speaking today, Peadar Tóibín said “This whole debacle is so Fianna Fáil. Here we have yet again a FF Minister with significant property portfolio pleading confusion on SIPO property compliance. The Fianna Fáil minister who admits inaccuracy in the declaration of his properties. This is very hard to believe. We are not talking about some inconsequential investment here. We are talking about the largest investments that families make in their lives.  

The fact that the an elected representative would use Dáil speaking time to call for more funding for a state rental scheme which he himself receives money from and not think to reflect ahis conflict of interest is also incredible. Mr Troy even used parliamentary questions to get more information on the Rental Accommodation Scheme, which he has two properties under, leased to the Westmeath County council.”

“The Housing crisis is at its worst point in nearly 10 years. The government has consistently fought every measure that could make serious change possible. For years they’ve pushed back against Aontú recommendations on vacant house tax, vacant site tax, CPOs on long-term derelict housing and even went as far as to cede responsibility in social housing to investor funds by allowing these same funds to sidestep 10% stamp duty if they lease back houses to the state for social housing. We in Aontú have raised the fact that nearly €1billion is spent every year on RAS and HAP payments to private landlords when that money should have been invested in social housing. Minister Robert Troy is a direct beneficiary of this government policy. For ministers to be benefiting off non-disclosed properties since 2011 and advocate for increasing these schemes is a slap in the face to the tens of thousands of people across the country suffering from this crisis” continued Tóibín

“The government are completely out of touch from the people suffering from this crisis. They have been ideologically opposed to fixing the Housing Crisis. The government’s robust defence of Robert Troy begs the question, are there others in government with further undisclosed information. We need to change the law to ensure that there is a penalty for TDs who are potentially strategically inaccurate about their own conflicts of interest”.

Youth homelessness is up 90%. There are now 3,028 children in emergency accommodation. The number of homeless went up every month for first five months of this year. Deputy Tory’s response to this heart-breaking crisis was to promote his own personal interests. We need genuine and sincere commitment to solving this crisis. Not hollow words and half-hearted solutions.” Concluded Tóibín




By Aontú Press | 23 August, 2022

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