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Taoiseach Admits He Doesn’t Know How Much The Migration Pact Will Cost - Tóibín

In response to a Leaders’ Question today (17th April) in the Dáil, the Taoiseach Simon Harris admitted that he did not know how much the EU Migration Pact will cost Ireland. Speaking in the Dail Aontú Leader and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín stated:

“The immigration policy of this government has been a disaster. You have failed consistently to differentiate between those who need help and those who don’t. Aontú pqs have shown that in the last 5 years 85% of those who received a deportation order never had it actioned. We found out that last year 5,000 people came through Dublin airport with no travel documents. We found out that the government is not even asking 75% of asylum seekers how they came into the country. 

Now you seek to outsource management of immigration to the EU”.

“At the heart of the Migration Pact is the idea of a ‘mandatory Solidarity Pool’. States must accept immigrants or financially contribute. Numbers and amounts of money is based population and GDP. Our GDP is artificially elevated due to the onshoring of FDI profits for tax purposes and secondly in case you have not noticed the state is finding it impossible to accommodate the numbers who are coming into the country. Given the fact that Ireland is getting fined all over the place by the EU what is the minimum and  maximum cost to this country of the EU Migration Pact”? 

In his reply the Taoiseach did not know how much the Migration Pact would cost Ireland. An Teachta Tóibín responded: 

“Taoiseach you don’t have a figure. This is an astounding admission. You have given a political commitment to sign up to an EU Migration Pact without knowing how much its going to cost the people of Ireland.  You are writing a blank check, your first as Taoiseach. Given that your government has made dozens of mandatory EU commitments and is getting fined millions of euro ever year for not meeting these commitments this is a disgrace”. 

“Its not out of character. Your government is incinerating hundreds of millions of euro in waste. €2.2 billion on the National Children Hospital, €300m on metro north and not a shovel put in the ground. €22 million on ventilators that don’t work. Over 100 electric buses never used because no one got the planning permission for the chargers. I ask you again Taoiseach how much will the EU Migration Pact cost the citizens of the country you serve”.

An Teachta Tóibín made the case also that Ireland was already signed up to dozens of EU commitments, many which the government was failing which was costing the country dearly. He stated:

“When decisions are made in Brussels or Berlin we can’t influence them and we certainly can’t hold the decision makers to account. The banking crash was a perfect example of this. The EU forced billions of euro in bailouts on the Irish citizens. It did enormous damage to our country, and we are still recovering as a result of a lost generation of investment into Health, housing and infrastructure”.

“Your government has signed Ireland up to Green House Gas emissions targets. Your government will fall well short of those legally binding targets by 2030. This will cost the country hundreds of millions of euros in fines. This week by way of answer to an Aontú Parliamentary Question we learned that the EU is fining Ireland to the tune of tens of millions of euro in other areas too. The EU fined Ireland €2.5 million for Waste Water issues, €1.5 for Environmental Impact Assessment issues, €17m because of the Derrybrien Wind Farm, €2m on the Money Laundering directive, €2.5 for failures on the Audiovisual Media Services Directive and €.5 million for failures on the European Electronic Communications Code.

You are in court at the moment fighting big fines on our treatment of the bogs. Your government is signing up to EU commitments, you are failing to keep those commitments and as a result we are being fined millions of Euro ever year by the EU”

By Aontú Press | 18 April, 2024

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