Aontú Leader and Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has highlighted that lack of detail in the Government’s Education announcement. An Teacha Tóibín stated;

“The devil is in the lack of detail with principals still none the wiser on how much money their school has to prepare for reopening. This is a real problem. The clock is counting down. Work to prepare has to start to commence now. The lack of detail slows the ability to get work done”.

“The creation of substitute teaching panels are welcome however there is no detail on how many teachers will be available for each school. There is also significant concerns that 1,000 teachers are likely to be retiring from schools before Christmas. Will the extra teachers promised even cover those that are retiring? Many schools will have 30 pupils in classrooms that is no more than 35 square metres in size. What are the guidelines for these schools? Should principles be splitting these classes into two? If so will there be an extra teacher available?

“The government have asked schools to appoint a Covid officer and an assistant Covid officer. This is a position of significant responsibility which will be unpaid. Teachers are already hammered with extra roles and responsibilities. Many questions remain unanswered unfortunately and much detail is still needed”.