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Sinn Féin British Queen Jubilee Wishes Could Not Be More Ill-Timed

Responding to Mary Lou MacDonald’s Jubilee wishes to the British Queen, Aontú Deputy

Leader Cllr Denise Mullen has criticised the move saying it could not have been more ‘ill-

timed’ as yet another report on British collusion was published this week, and while the

amnesty for British crimes remains on the table.


Cllr Mullen: “This week for victims of the Troubles and their families, another report of

British collusion in the murders of innocent Catholics in yet another county saw the light of

day. County by county, report after report, the full extent of British state-sponsored violence

is becoming known. Against this backdrop, it was wholly inappropriate and hurtful for

survivors of the Troubles to bear witness to the Leader of Sinn Féin wish the British Queen a

‘happy jubilee’ for her 70 years atop the British Monarchy.


The British Queen has honoured Soldiers from the Paras who were on Derry's streets on Bloody Sunday.

I cant recall any apology from the British Queens in relation to any of the actions that were undertaken by

The British Military. This follows on from Sinn Féin’s abstention on a vote at Derry and Strabane Council on

whether the city should celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.


“Aontú is an Irish Republican Party. We believe that no one should have an hereditary right

to power. We believe that all citizens are born equal and that achievement in society should be

on the basis of merit and character. We look forward to the day that Ireland has a normal and healthy

relationship with Britain. Its hard for that to happen while Britain still claims ownership of this part of Ireland

and ignores the democratic will of the people of Ireland as a whole.   


We understand that we share this island with a substantial number of people who do look to the British Monarch as their leader.

And we respect that. In a pluralist society its completely acceptable that there are a plurality of views. However reconciliation,

respect and peaceful coexistence do not mean that we have to dress up in each other’s political clothes.”


By Aontú Press | 11 February, 2022

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