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"Serious lack of clarity around 50 million student support fund" - Ógra Aontú

Ógra Aontú have called on the Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris to offer more clarity regarding the 50 million student support fund which has been announced for the second time today.

Secretary of Ógra Aontú Gavin Boyne said: "The Minister has knocked many a positive headline out of this fund allocation which has been announced a number of time at this stage. While the fund is heartily welcome serious confusion still exists. Ógra Aontú have today phoned the Department of Education and the Department of Higher Education multiple times, but neither Deparment appear to be answering any phonecalls today. This is disappointing".

"We have now emailed Minister Harris with our questions. Today's announcement doesn't adequately explain how these funds may be drawn down by students who are in receipt of a full SUSI grant and have no outstanding fees, nor does it outline how students who are not in a reciept of a grant and who have already paid their fees, may access the fund. The government are remaining adamant that the fund consists of 250 euro for every student, therefore they need to clarify how every student can access the fund, and they need to clairty and it would be very helpful if the Department could set up a helpline for students who are struggling at this time", concluded Gavin.

By Aontú Press | 19 November, 2020

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