Aontú General Election candidate Michael Ryan praised Leona O Callaghan Fitzgerald and the volunteers at the The Haven HUB in Limerick.

“Tonight on Prime time my colleague Leona O Callaghan Fitzgerald has discussed the alarming suicide rate in Limerick and the difficulties in getting ASIST training for volunteers at The Haven HUB in Limerick. This would ensure that anyone feeling low and suicidal will have support in and around the Shannon River in Limerick. Leona has championed this cause and has amazingly in a short few weeks secured a location, has volunteers on-board and is calling for a cross-party support to make this happen.

“As the Principle of Our Lady’s Queen of Peace, I am delighted to be on the Steering committee to endorse the Haven HUB and make this happen. I have too often had to comfort children and families affected by suicide.

“As a General Election candidate for the new Political party Aontu, I will, if elected in Limerick City fight for the priorities Leona has discussed on Primetime tonight.

“Well done Leona and thank you for standing up for the vulnerable in Limerick tonight!”