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Protesters to Walk from Navan to Drogheda to Save the River Boyne

The ‘Save the Boyne’ group are organising a protest walk “Go with the flow” for Saturday 30th July from Navan to Drogheda on the banks of the river Boyne. The walk is aimed at raising awareness of the ongoing appeal to an Bord Pleanála, on the granting of permission by Meath County Council to Dawn Meats to install a 7.2 kilometre pipeline to pump 400,000 litres of treated waste water daily into the river Boyne at the Cotton Mills.

In a statement today, spokesman for the group, Peter Whelan, said:

“We are starting the walk at the ramparts in Navan at 9.30 am on Saturday (July 30th). We will be joined by anglers, walkers, kayakers, swimmers and members of the public who all enjoy the great amenity that our river represents. We encourage everyone to come along. It will be a fun day out as well as a serious message to the planners In An Bord Pleanála, who will ultimately decide whether or not this plan goes ahead. Among our group of walkers are singers and poets all giving the same message by way of poetry or song”.

Mr Whelan continued: “People don’t have to do the full 32 km . We will stop at Stackallen bridge at around 11am . We will have a picnic and singalong at Slane around 1 pm. I had asked a local songwriter from Slane to write a song about this ridiculous decision. I asked Alan Louth to come to our meetings at the Mill House in Slane, back in May this year, and make notes of the sentiments being echoed by the angry fishermen and others who use and drink the water of the Boyne. Alan will sing this song for the first time in public at our  picnic in Slane around lunchtime. We will then move on to Brú Na Boinne for a coffee break at 3.45 pm and we will finish in Drogheda around 6.30 pm”.

“The river Boyne is a special area of conservation and needs us the people of Louth, Meath and surrounding areas to stand up to protect it from pollution. There are other options available to treat or dispose of waste. We have no issue with the meat plant itself. We know there are more sustainable ways of dealing with effluent. Reed beds are being used in similar plants in this county and in Kerry. Also, we do not have confidence in a planning system such as An bord Pleanála, who’s senior manager recently stood aside as investigators look at allegations of conflict of interest in recent decisions. We urge anyone with any interest whatsoever in the environment and the lovely river Boyne to come along on the day and join in to show our disgust at the proposal to 400,000 litres of waste water into the river every day”, concluded Mr Whelan.



By Aontú Press | 28 July, 2022

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