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Peter Whelan: Slane Enterprise Hub for Locals to Work Remotely

Slane Aontú representative peter Whelan is setting up a facility for locals to work remotely. At the start of the lockdown, Peter Whelan a local businessman and representative for Peadar toibins new political party Aontú, was on a zoom meeting. “It was 8 pm and I had to go out to the back yard to get a signal. The others at the meeting were watching as I shivered while speaking online” “I decided enough is enough. I started asking others how was their WiFi. The answers were mostly the same. Brutal. So I started a search of local premises that would be suitable for an enterprise hub. I got the chief executive of meath enterprise on board after I found a suitable premises. I also asked a local lady who was and still is working from home in slane, to come on board to help me get this idea to fruition. I found a premises in the heart of the heritage village of slane. It was lying idle for the past ten years. It was a grocery store with office spaces upstairs. I sent a letter to most of the households in and around slane asking people to express an interest. I’ve got plenty of interest to date.

This concept has many benefits to our society and more importantly our community which could do with rejuvenation . Locals can rent a desk space for approximately 150 euro per month. They will have their own desk with WiFi, free coffee, and the use of meeting rooms when available. There will also be hot desks downstairs where people can rent space by the half day or day. Also we will have photo copying and printing facilities in house . Another service peter Whelan wants to introduce is computer training for elderly people in the community. The other benefits to our society are as follows. Less cars on the roads , so less emissions. Savings on fuel and parking to the users of this facility. More time at home because of the saving of approximately three hours daily commute . Most importantly keeping people in the village working and spending locally . Networking is another plus here. People can help each other promote their business and use each other’s services. This also means the people using this facility will have more time to get involved in their local clubs etc “ I have just signed the agreement with the landlord today and have received the keys . Now the real hard work starts . We are going to look for funding from government bodies to help us modernise and do infrastructure work as well as cosmetic work . “ I am very excited about this project and I have said from the start, it’s not if this project will happen , it’s when it will happen."

I expect with all funding in place and works carried out , we will hopefully have our slane enterprise hub in operation mid to late 2021. Anyone interested in a desk space or more information can contact peter Whelan on 0879419866 or email

By Aontú Press | 21 October, 2020

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