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"Peat Imports Show Hypocrisy of Government" - Silke

gures released to the Aontú candidate for Tuam, Barnaderg native Luke Silke, show that 172,000 tonnes of peat have been imported into the country since 2016, with nearly 20,000 tonnes imported last year alone. 


Speaking this week, Mr Silke, who works for Aontú in the Dáil, said: 


"These figures are truly extraordinary. We know that the current government has sought in the past to stop the sale and distribution of turf in rural areas. The Greens very much much represent the tail that is wagging the dog in this coalition, with increases in carbon tax and fuel tax and other such punitive measures which are having detrimental effects on farmers and those in rural Ireland". 


Mr Silke continued: "There is something ironic about the fact that while Irish politicians are trying to encourage us not to cut turf, and imposing harsh taxation on us, and while the European Commission is taking Ireland to court over alleged failure to protect the bogs, we have 170,000 tonnes of peat being imported into the country to satisfy demand here. It's as if they're condemning the small farmer who owns a plot of land on the Curraghline or the Athenry Road, but are happy to support the man who has an acre of bog abroad in Lithuania or the Netherlands". 


"We in Aontú are urging all political parties to come clean before the local elections on where they stand in relation to turf-cutting. There are an awful lot of people in the Tuam area whose sole source of heat is turf. In our house at home we don't have oil - it's the range that heats the radiators. If the Green party are successful in stopping turf it's the old people in rural areas who will suffer the most. Politicians must reveal their stance on this issue before putting their name on the ballot paper in a month's time", concluded Silke. 

By Aontú Press | 10 May, 2024

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