Nicola joined Aontú because she believes in the party’s three key principles – life; unity & economic justice. She is a working mum from West Belfast and along with raising her two children, she enjoys a rewarding and challenging career as a Risk Manager within the IT industry. Faith plays an important role in Nicola’s life and she enjoys attending adoration and prayer groups. Carving out this time for prayer has enabled Nicola to reflect deeply on what it means to be pro-life. The pro-life ethos extends to all; to the protection of the unborn and to the welfare of all people. Nicola believes that local government policies and initiatives need to be created with this fundamental principle at their core –policies should aim to maintain and enhance the prosperity of everyone represented. To that end, Nicola will work on critical areas that are pressing to the people of Collin and where this pro-life ethos drastically falls short: Educational Opportunity; Mental Health; Regeneration; and how we take care of our poor and most vulnerable citizens.