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New North South Interconnector Bill Submitted to the Dáil - All TDs have been invited to Co Sign

NB Please see the Bill and the Explanatory Memorandum attached

Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín TD has submitted the new North South Interconnector Bill to the Dáil. He stated;

“The Government seek to construct 409 pylons, up to 51 metres high, caring 400,000 volts through Meath, Cavan and Monaghan, Armagh and Tyrone. There will be a minimum distance of 13 metres to homes allowed.

There are significant fears with regards threats to health especially threats of cancers and childhood leukaemia. There are fears with regards damage to value of homes, farms and business. The tourism, agriculture, the blood stock industry are all extremely alarmed.

The truth is that technology that the government seek to build is becoming out of date. It has been superseded by new underground technology that can do the same job. Indeed new underground lines with similar distances are being built between Germany and Belgium within budget.

This Bill seeks to facilitate analysis of the both undergrounding and overgrounding the North South Interconnector in terms of technical performance, economic impact, environmental preference, socioeconomic impact and deliverability. The Bill will facilitate analysis of the cost of the North South Interconnector in terms of damage to house prices, property prices and damage to local business, enterprise and Agri-businesses.

This Bill differs from previous PMBs in that the terms of reference cannot be manipulated politically. This is key. I have taken the unusual step of inviting all the TDs in the Dail to co-sign the Bill in an effort to put a stop to the current plan before its too late. Many TDs from different parties have spoke against this project. Now is the time to put their name on the dotted line.

North-South Interconnector Review Group Bill 2021 Stamped PDF-1

Explanatory Memorandum North South Connector Bill 2021 31-3-2021

By Aontú Press | 1 April, 2021

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