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MI5 must no longer be permitted to act in the north of Ireland - McCloskey

Aontú deputy leader Cllr Anne McCloskey has called for an end to MI5's presence in the north of Ireland and for its connection to the PSNI to be discontinued. Cllr McCloskey made her comments following BBC Spotlight's documentary last night that detailed the level of murderous collusion between the British intelligence services and loyalist gangs.

Cllr McCloskey stated:

"Last night's BBC Spotlight documentary provided a useful reminder to all concerned citizens that the British intelligence services, particularly MI5, is directly culpable in the murder of civilians.

"The level to which the British state, through MI5, conspired with terror gangs to single-out and kill people in the 1980s and 1990s must not be forgotten, nor should MI5 be allowed to continue to operate as if it is a normal, harmless organisation. It is long past time that MI5 ceased operating in the north of Ireland.

"MI5 oversaw agents who were directly involved in murders. Those agents reported to and received their instructions from MI5. It is blatantly clear that MI5 has done its utmost to prevent the truth emerging about the murder of civilians. It is clear that that British intelligence body is intent on frustrating efforts to obtain justice for those gunned down by the loyalist organisations with which MI5 colluded. MI5, by its activities, makes a mockery of British claims to have democracy, transparency and human rights at the heart of that state's interests.

"It is wholly inappropriate, in light of what is known about MI5's activities, for it to be tasked with any functions on this island. It was an incredible oversight during the time of the PSNI's establishment that MI5 was given a role in the work of the PSNI. Any fresh start to policing would surely necessitate an end to the involvement of such a shadowy organistation as MI5 in policing. Therefore, Aontú is calling for an immediate end to MI5 operations in the north of Ireland and for a conclusive end to its work with the PSNI.

“Today, truth and justice remain denied to victims of British state intelligence services and their families. The treatment of victims of collusion by successive British governments has been unacceptable. I wish to add my voice to calls for an independent public inquiry into the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane as per the 2002 recommendations of Judge Peter Cory. It is indicative of the British government’s disregard for victims of state collusion that the British government continues to refuse a public inquiry into that murder and other murders that occurred at the hands of state agents.”


By Aontú Press | 9 October, 2019

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