Martin Duggan’s Priorities:


I was born and reared in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.  My father Andrew Duggan was a medical sergeant in the army for twenty three years. He was married to my mother, Margaret, until his passing on Christmas day 2018. I am the second oldest of four kids which consists of two brothers and one sister. I am also the father of three wonderful daughters. I am currently in a relationship with Sharon Parker. I attended the High School Clonmel, with a good Leaving Cert. I then was offered a job by the very successful company MF Kent Engineering which I took up. After a short time I became Transport Manager in the company. I travelled the world with MF Kent on various projects. My final with Kent’s was in Spain until the closure of the company in 1992. I then was approached to go and work in Galway as a project supervisor with The Bailey Point Salthill. I am currently active in the community. I was involved in the set-up of The Tipperary Fights for Mental Health. Mental Health is a huge issue, not just in the Clonmel constituency, but in the county of Tipperary as a whole. I was at the forefront of the water protest in Clonmel in 2014. My skills from having my own company were a huge benefactor in being able to deal with the head of Irish Water. Aontú is a new party that I am fully committed to and share the beliefs of myself. I am looking forward to working with other Aontú members and I firmly believe I can make a difference in the community.