Margaret Swift

I am from Omagh where I have lived for the past twenty-seven years and I am happily married to my husband Liam. I am a registered nurse with a background in youth and community work. I have a keen interest in the GAA, especially Gaelic football. I also love Irish traditional music, having played both the accordion and the tin whistle at Scór and as part of my local parish band. I am also a keen Irish language enthusiast, I love animals, so much so that we have three dogs of our own, two of which are rescue dogs.

I am strongly opposed to gold mining in the Omagh area. It is anissuethat I have campaigned on locally, helping groups to fill out petitions and raise awareness of the intentions of these mining companies who will decimate our countryside and pollute our waterways, destroying our ecosystem irreparably. As a professional health worker, I am acutely concerned about extensive waiting lists, the increasing shortage of beds, related staffing issues and a lack of community care and placements. There is despair amongst parents, at the lack of respite care and facilities for children with learning disabilities and complex needs. Likewise, I am concerned about access to out of hours GP services.

We have a strong community and voluntary sector which is forced to fill gaps in service provision due to neglect and lack of investment by government. Community associations, first responders, sporting and other organisations provide community cohesion and supports; they deserve investment and the cooperation of local council.I have a background in youth and community work. I worked for many years with children from six years old onwards who had various learning and physical disabilities and I want to promote more reforms in that area, where people with disabilities can integrate into our society. I would like to promote sporting activities and make access easier in our towns and villages. In short, I believe that all of our citizens are entitled to live productive and dignified lives and I will campaign tirelessly to protect ‘life’ and social justice.