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MAIRÉAD TÓIBÍN: Freedom of Information Request Reveals Cruelty of Maternity Restrictions - Tóibín

The Aontú candidate in the upcoming Dublin Bay South by-election, Mairead Tóibín, has said that there is now an onus on all hospitals to ease restrictions around maternity services with immediate effect.


Ms Tóibín today released a total of 172 emails which were sent to the Minister for Health by  women who experienced pregnancy during the pandemic. The emails were secured by Aontú under a Freedom of Information request. 


Speaking this afternoon, Ms Tóibín said:


"The emails released to us showcase the true horrors being experienced by pregnant women and their partners as a result of the restrictions imposed on maternity services by the government, the HSE and indeed by individual hospitals. While efforts have been made to ease these restrictions, there remains a serious inconsistency across some hospital settings. There is now an onus on each individual hospital to lift these restrictions".


Mairéad Tóibín contined: "These emails are difficult to read, and my heart goes out to all of the individual women who've had such difficult experiences over the past year. Childbirth is supposed to be a happy time in life. The fact that so many women are describing their experiences of maternity units as 'cold' is an incredible indictment on the current restrictions. The restrictions are cruel, inhumane and unacceptable. Thankfully there are now only 53 Covid-19 patients in hospital in this country, and our ICU figures have dropped to 13. We have flattened the curve, and there is now no logical reason to continue to impose these harsh restrictions on pregnant women and their families", concluded Tóibín.




NB: For access to the documents, contact Aontú on 085 223 96 20


*Some extracts from the emails:*
"I had to sit in a room alone to be told my baby had died. I was sent from this room alone reeling from what I had just heard and sat on a busy ward corridor sobbing alone".
"I sat for hours alone and broken in one of your maternity hospitals. Not a single person to offer me the comfort I craved and needed”.
“It is an unexpected and earth-shattering experience that no woman should have to go through alone and it is a scandal of our time that women are being forced to endure this.”
"I felt so weak and scared trying to find my way around the hospital. I had to be practical and keep thinking I need to be strong for our baby"
By Aontú Press | 21 June, 2021

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