Speaking in the aftermath of Tuesday evening’s BBC Spotlight documentary that focused on British state collusion, loyalist paramilitaries and DUP involvement in Ulster Resitance, Aontú Councillor Denise Mullen has said that mainstream unionism must reflect on its relationship with loyalist paramilitaries and the murders that those paramilitaries have committed.

Councillor Mullen stated:

“Last night’s documentary revealed the very clear connections between mainstream unionism, as embodied by the DUP, and violent organisations like Ulster Resistance.

“Revelations surrounding the importation and distribution of weapons to paramilitaries, weapons that were used to murder civilians, by individuals closely connected to the DUP cannot be allowed to pass without scrutiny.

“The DUP and wider unionism certainly has questions to answer when it comes to their relationship with those who killed people to pursue their objectives of maintaining partition and instilling terror in the hearts of a whole section of the community. To date, mainstream unionism has failed to distance itself sufficiently from sectarian and violent acts carried out under the guise of preserving the British union.”