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“Irish Military War Museum in Collon, Co Meath, Saved from Closure” – Whelan

The Irish Military War Museum in Co Meath which had faced closure due to insurance and rates costs is to remain open after a better insurance deal was found.

Speaking today, local activist and Aontú representative for Laytown-Bettystown, Peter Whelan, said:

“When I heard William Sullivan on Liveline a few months ago, saying he was closing his museum due to crippling insurance and rates costs, I immediately reached out to him. We talked for hours discussing how we could try keep this valued tourist amenity from closing its doors. I got plenty of obstacles along the way, but I am delighted to say that I received the email we were all waiting for this week. Having talked to many people in insurance and other leisure businesses, I came across a very interesting group called PALI. They are a group who take on leisure activity companies under their wing and try get affordable insurance for them”.

Mr Whelan continued: “The Irish Military War Museum was looking at a cost of 20,000 euro per annum for insurance which was not feasible. We have now secured a quote for a quarter of that figure. This is the email that will now guarantee this business will stay open. The tourist spot in question brings 15,000 visitors to our beautiful Boyne valley every year. I am still working with William and the valuations office to get the museum exempt from rates, which come in at around 1,000 euro per month. I am confident that we will also be successful with the rates project. The reason I say this is that the museum received a grant of 200,000 euro from Meath Leader”.

“Museums, which get state funds, are usually exempt from rates. We just have to produce some extra paperwork and tick a few boxes to get this issue resolved. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all people in the north east and further afield of the great amenity we have on our doorstep here in Collon, Co Meath. It is a very reasonable and enjoyable day out for all the family. William and staff take visitors on a one to one tour of some excellent war and military memorabilia and William talks in great detail about where and when he got each tank or armoured vehicle. It is great to be part of a good news story for a change, a fantastic day for the county”, concluded Mr Whelan.




By Aontú Press | 15 August, 2022

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