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Ireland's Neutrality Must be Protected - Ógra Aontú

Ógra Aontu has criticised a recent statement by Young Fine Gael, which called for 'lethal' military aid for Ukraine. 


Speaking today, Luke Silke, the PRO of Ógra Aontú, said:


We in Ógra Aontú believe that Irish military neutrality is something to be proud of and protected. We believe that Ireland, given our own history, has a unique role to play in global peace-building, and also in terms of the provision of humanitarian aid internationally, and in the provision of refuge to those in need. Young Fine Gael's calls for "lethal military aid" overseas is very dangerous talk".


Mr Silke continued: "It's clear that they've lost the run of themselves with their like minded EU peers, and ought to be reigned in by their party membership. We condemn utterly the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and support the provision of humanitarian aid and shelter to refugees from Ukraine. The statement from Young Fine Gael was a step too far, and undermines our international reputation for diplomacy and peace. When one represents the policital party of the Taoiseach of Ireland, one should behave with prudence and caution when it comes to matters such as these on the international stage", concluded Silke. 



By Aontú Press | 26 February, 2024

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