Aontú Leader Peadar Tóibín TD has called on the Minister and 3 previous Ministers for Health, who are currently in the Cabinet to answer questions on the shocking HSE Dossier Scandal. He stated;

“The RTE Investigates Programme raises serious issues about how this country is governed. Firstly the HSE and the Government for decades have been in combat and conflict with patients they should be protecting. There is no mechanism within the HSE to resolve wrongdoing suffered by patients. Patients are forced to go to court and the HSE combat patients in court, in some cases such as Cervical Check, right up to the death of the patient. This culture is shocking and it has to stop. Will the Minister put a stop to this practice immediately.

Secondly, the Secretary General of the Department of Health issued a statement on behalf of the department in part defending the practice that was revealed. The Minister also issued a statement condemning the practice. Who speaks for the Department of Health?

Thirdly where else does this practice exist within the Department. We know from documents released under Freedom of Information that the Department routinely monitors Vicky Phelan’s twitter account, among others. Simon Harris when he was Minister for Health cancelled a last minute meeting with Sharon Butler Hughes, the whistle-blower who exposed the IT glitch in Quest Diagnostics, and whose revelations triggered the Brian MacCraith Rapid Review Report on Cervical Check, because he knew of a letter of claim which had issued on Sharon’s behalf that did not name him. How did he know?

Fourthly according to Minister McEntee yesterday, this was not the first time the shocking Dossier Policy was raised within Dept, & nothing was found to be in breach. If the Dossier Policy was a matter for debate within the Department of Health what did Stephen Donnolly, Simon Harris, Leo Varadkar and Mícheal Martin know about it when they were Ministers? Why did they not do something about it?

And finally, if they did not know anything about it, why is the Department of Health allowed to make decisions of such magnitude without political oversight. Or is it a case of Ministers not wanting to know?

Aontú is calling for these four Ministers to take questions on the shocking revelation.