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HSE and Health Minister Must be Brought before Health Committee Immediately - Tóibín

Chairperson of the Save Navan Hospital Campaign and Meath West TD has written to the Chairperson of the Oireachtas Health Committee requesting that the Committee bring the leadership of the HSE and the Minister for Health before the Committee immediately to discuss the worsening A&E crisis. An Teachta Tóibín stated;

“I have been speaking to many people over the Christmas period who have been very sick. Many have told me that they are afraid to go near a hospital for treatment. Many feel that a visit to a hospital would be a threat to their health rather than a help”.

"Hospital A&Es are jammed packed. Staff are under unprecedented pressure and there has been a significant increase in adverse incidents. Last night’s major incident declared at Limerick University Hospital is an example of this".   

"In our own region before Christmas the paediatric A&E was so full that parents were told to wait with their sick children in a car in the car park. In some cases children had to sleep in their car in the sub zero temperatures".

"Again before Christmas, Drogheda A&E became a long term car park for 11 ambulances because there wasn’t a bed, a trolley or a chair left in A&E".

"Because these ambulances were tied up, there was no ambulances available in the Cavan, Monaghan Meath area for hours".

"Well over 100,000 people waited on trollies last year. This is leading to death and adverse incidents".

"In 2021 a PQ answer to be indicated that there were 105,000 adverse incidents in the health care system, a significant jump from in the last number of years. These are people who have been damaged, made ill, and in some case been disabled or lost their lives as a result of mistakes in the Health system, many of these no doubt due to the pressure put on staff".

"All of this has happened while the HSE leadership have actively closed A&E capacity around the country. In a 15-year period 8 A&Es were closed in this state and the HSE are still looking to closure A&Es such as Navan A&E".

"This has to be fixed. Political representatives cant just put their hands in the air and surrender to a worsening A&E system. There has to be accountability for these decisions and these outcomes. That’s why its key that the HSE and eth Minister for Health are brought before the Oireachtas Committee immediately". C



By Aontú Press | 3 January, 2023

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