Aontú candidate Martin Kelly stated:

“The north has now exceeded its target of 50% recycling by 2020 – 18 months ahead of schedule. Householders are now recycling 50.6% of their waste – a huge achievement for all involved. Seventeen years ago when the Department of Agricultural, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) started to collect the statistics it was at 10%.

“Achieving this result reflects a tremendous effort by all those involved in the waste management sector, local and central government, reprocessing sector, the voluntary sector and of course the public.

“The people of the north have surpassed the strategy target of recycling 50% of their household waste by the end of 2020, putting us in a good place now to focus our efforts on addressing the bigger challenges of climate change.

“Being able to meet this demanding target indicates that if everyone takes small steps to change their behaviour then we can make a significant difference, in the north, with the view of protecting and improving the environment.”