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Government has Never Been Serious about Antigen Tests as it Back Tracks Again.

Speaking on the government’s 11th hour backtracking on antigen test subsidies, Aontú Leader & Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has called the decision disgraceful and questions whether the government have ever really been serious about antigen testing.


An Teachta Tóibín: “Today in the Dail the Taoiseach boasted that there has been 500,000 Antigen Tests delivered by the state so far. However contrasts this with 500,000 that were being used in Denmark on a daily basis as the Danish sought to reduce the incidence of the illness and keep society open. Its been over a year since the EU has greenlighted antigen testing, 8 months since the recommendation of antigen tests by the Ferguson report and over 2 months since the special Antigen Test Review group set up by the government proposed increased use. Yet the government has consistently failed to adopt a mass testing policy”.


“Even, Nphet has moved from strongly advising against Antigen Testing deriding it as ‘Snake Oil’ to now advising their usage twice a week. Why is the government ignoring the science? The Covid Pass does not confirm whether you have Covid or not – meaning people with Covid are moving within society because of a false sense of security afforded by discriminatory vaccine passports. Ireland has the highest rate of vaccination against Covid-19. Ireland has had the longest, most severe and most costly lockdowns in the EU. We have had the longest and most widespread use of the Covid Pass and yet we have one of the highest rates of Covid in the EU. These have not worked to stop thousands of new cases every day. Why then is the government so against antigen testing?”


“Denmark which has very high levels of vaccination, has used antigen testing to determine access to hospitality, avoid Covid pass discrimination, and reduce their cases to a fraction of ours. There is a path forward, which the government is refusing to embrace. I spike to leaders within the Child Care sector today. They get no support in terms of Antigen Testing. They have told me that contrary to what the government is saying they are still paying €8 and €9 for antigen tests as stocks are running out in discount stores. Anyways why is the government outsourcing this key tool against Covid to Lidl?”


“This is more critical because in so many counties PCR Tests are not an option. Hospital capacity is a fraction of what it should be. The government is leaning on the people rather than getting the simple things right”.

By Aontú Press | 30 November, 2021

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