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Gender selection abortion is completely legal in Ireland.

Gender selection abortion is completely legal in Ireland.


Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín TD stated;


“It has been estimated in a report published in the BMJ medical journal that there will be 4.7 million fewer girls born globally in the next ten years because of sex-selective practices. Shockingly girls are far more likely to be aborted in many countries and cultures. This deep discrimination against girls in tandem with abortion legislation internationally has a devastating outcome for millions of individual girls.


By facilitating this practice the abortion industry also has massive implications for the rest of society. The authors of this said the abortion of significantly more girls will have an effect on gender balance within society. They said that it could lead to a "marriage squeeze" in affected countries and elevated levels of anti-social behaviour and violence. This could include an increase in trafficking of girls and child marriages. They indicated that this could affect long-term stability of societies.


Gender selection abortion is completely legal in Ireland. I tabled an amendment in the Dáil in 2018 to seek that it would be banned. FF, FG, SF, Labour and PbP voted against it. I sought that records would be kept to help understand the prevalence of Gender Selection abortion in Ireland and again all these political parties voted against this. The refusal to ban this practice or even track its prevalence was absolutely wrong. This practice happens in Britain and the US, two western countries with similar international communities as part of their populations.


Aontú will bring a Bill to the Dail in the new Oireachtas term that will seek to prevent Gender Selection abortions in Ireland. We need a society that protects everyone’s life especially those who are the most vulnerable. We need to have compassionate society where human welfare is considered important. We can no longer tolerate a law in this country that blatantly allows for the targeting of baby girls. Global warming, species collapse and plastic pollution on an industrial level has shown that this generations effort to intervene and control nature can lead to devastating consequences for individual human beings and all of society.       

By Aontú Press | 3 August, 2021

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