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Gemma Brolly: Public Must Become Actively Aware of Mining Operations

East Derry Election Candidate Gemma Brolly questions the operations of mining companies and urges the public to become actively aware of the operations and consequences of mining.

In a world so focused on Climate Change and a “Race to Zero” how can an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty be threatened by toxic mining?

It is proposed to blast twice daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for at least 20-25 years at the Curaghinailt/Greencastle site and thereafter potentially throughout the Sperrins.
This is not just an issue for those living in or near these mountains. As stated by UNECE: “environmental threats do not respect national borders.”  The exploratory stage of this mining project has already resulted in many pollution incidents, and this is before the project has reached the actual mining stage. 
Why was this exploratory planning permission ever granted in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
How is this financially feasible for the taxpayer to fund the massive workload that this whole mining process places on numerous government departments. Who is paying for the extra work now being undertaken by the government departments and all relevant state agencies and statutory consultees?
Constituents have also reported concerns that Police are assisting on a regular basis with the security of certain locations involved in mining. At a time when the PSNI are reported to be facing an operational. Shortfall of £180 million over the next three years, we must question how exactly is this financially feasible and acceptable? Is this money coming from other budgets like health, education, justice, housing, etc.?  No wonder we have never-ending waiting lists in our health service and so little money to pay to our hardworking NHS staff. 
Aontú is a Party of human rights. Under the AARHUS CONVENTION ( every citizen has the right to receive information, participate in decision-making in relation to the environment and every citizen must have access to justice. Aontú is encouraging all citizens to have their say on this potentially toxic and divisive development that has the potential to endanger the health of future generations.
We urge everyone not only to participate in the current consultations but to make their concerns known to all governmental agencies and public representatives and insist on compliance with all conventions and legislation.
We must not be complacent, there is no time to lose, and we must empower one another, so as to ensure that the next generation inherits a land that is unpolluted and safe.

By Aontú Press | 15 February, 2022

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