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“Fiona Donohoe Should Be Told What Happened to Her Son” - Brolly

Aontú representative for East Derry, Gemma Brolly, has spoken out again in favour of justice and transparency for the family of Noah Donohue.

Speaking to the crowd at Belfast City Hall in recent days, Ms Brolly paid tribute to the Donohue family, saying:

“I speak to you today on behalf of ‘Aontú,’ Aontú means ‘Unity’ and today, we stand here, in Belfast, in Noah’s homeplace – ag aontú – united in our determination and utter disgust, ag aontú- uniting in our quest, behind Fiona, to obtain the truth and ag aontú in our fight for justice. The children of this country and all across the world are taught about right and wrong. They are taught that they are protected and safeguarded by our policing and justice system. They are taught that criminal actions will be dealt with in a timely, fair and just manner. Within the Strategy and Visions of the PSNI it states: “For the Police Service of Northern Ireland, keeping people safe is what we do”. While this sounds wonderfully reassuring on a website, particularly for us as parents, we stand here today, because Belfast’s son, Fiona’s son was not ‘kept safe.’”

Ms Brolly continued: “We stand here because each and every one of us is someone’s child and many of us have a child or children of our own, who we know could very well have been ‘Noah’ and unfortunately still could be. If that was the case we would never, ever stop looking for answers, we would never give up and we will never give up. What kind of system do we live in when a mother cannot find out what happened her son? When a minister asks a mother “What is it you want?” Well as a mother, I can say “I want our children to be safe, and I want to know if something happens my child – what it was, and I want that as do we all, starting with Fiona.

The Justice system of any jurisdiction should treat each and every individual fairly and equally. Yet it appears, here in the North, we have a variable system here where one size does not fit all. Where certain truths and information can be with-held, where some are ‘immune’ and where the protection of some can be prioritised over others”.

“We are here today to say ‘No! No more!’ Where people in positions of office, some, namely a Secretary of State, are strangers to us, strangers to our children but take the lives of our children and the rights of our parents in their hands and decide to with-hold answers. This is NOT justice; this is wrong in every sense of the word and everyone knows it. We will not stand by while a mother is denied the answers on how her child was so cruelly taken from her. We will not allow Noah’s name to fade and we will not be silent until Fiona gets answers. Aontú will never tire in this fight for justice. We, the people, will never stop, ag aontú, uniting in our demands- scrap the Public Interest Immunity Certificate-truth for Fiona, justice for Noah. Let it go to every corner of the world, that we, the people stand today and will stand every day united and determined to get what is rightfully ours, what is rightfully Fiona’s and what is rightfully Noah’s, truth and justice”, concluded Ms Brolly.





By Aontú Press | 15 August, 2022

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