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“Fianna Fáil proves its incoherence once again” – Tóibín

Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín, Meath West TD, has responded to Fianna Fáil’s disjointed approach to Brexit and its effects on Ireland. Earlier today front bench Fianna Fáil TD Timmy Dooley issued a tweet which absolved the British government of its arrogant unwillingness to accept the negotiated backstop clause in the British-EU Withdrawal Agreement.

An Teachta Tóibín stated:

“Timmy Dooley’s tweet illustrates the level of opportunism and hypocrisy that characterises Míchéal Martin’s Fianna Fáil.

“The backstop clause of the British-EU Withdrawal Agreement is the absolute minimum that can be accepted by Ireland.

"Firstly, we need to ensure no further division emerges between the north and the south of this country.

“Secondly, we need to practically prepare for and develop the all-Ireland Economy, all Ireland provision of services and the all-Ireland development of infrastructure. Tory party arrogance and dysfunction cannot be allowed create political and economic divergence on this island. Fianna Fáil front bench spokespersons agreeing with Tory dysfunction gives cover to this roadblock in progress”.

“Fianna Fáil has long spoken from both sides of its mouth on this issue. Fianna Fáil occasionally pronounce vague all Ireland intentions for their grass roots but Timmy Dooley’s now deleted tweet shows how they clamber back into their partitionist shell every time”.

“Dooley, whether he realises it or not, is wiping blame away from the British government for its arrogant determination to pull the north and south of Ireland further away from each other at a time when convergence and unity should be the aim of everyone”.

“Aontú’s position is clear: now is the time, through a New Ireland Forum to practically prepare for Irish unity in all spheres of life”.


By Aontú Press | 30 July, 2019

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Throughout Ireland, many people are now afraid to say what they feel, many are afraid to respectfully engage on a range of different topics. Many feel there is a new censorship and a new political correctness in Ireland, that opposition to the establishment is being deleted.

Respectful opposition is not the enemy. Respectful opposition is a critical element of a functional democracy. Aontú will have the backbone to stand up, without fear, for you.