Peadar Tóibín TD raised the tragic case of the family whose heathy baby was aborted by National Maternity Hospital in the Dáil today with the Taoiseach.

An Teachta Tóibín stated;

“Taoiseach, I spoke with the legal representative of the family whose healthy child was aborted at the National Maternity Hospital. This is a desperately tragic case as the family were falsely told that the child had a fatal foetal abnormality. They claim that their child would be with them today, were it not for the actions that were taken at the hospital.

“The Family are stating that this was an illegal abortion. They have stated that the medical practitioner that signed off on the abortion never examined the mother in question nor even met the mother in question in advance of the abortion. If this is the case it is indeed contrary to the law and it is an illegal abortion.

“The family have stated that they have been ignored by the government, they are furious that there will not be an independent investigation, that they have not had an input into the terms of reference of the internal review that you are planning. They are also shocked at the allegation that medical practitioners that sign off on the abortions have a commercial interest in the company that carried out the fatally insufficient tests in the first place.

“The bereaved family were shocked to hear this week that the State Claims Agency is going to indemnify the private company that carried the fatally insufficient tests. The family are also furious that you stated in the last Dáil debate with me that this was a confidential issue. Taoiseach, they believe that you and Fine Gael are looking to sweep an illegal abortion under the carpet. Will you change the law, institute guidelines and carry out a fully independent investigation?

“Speaking after his contribution in the Dáil, An Teachta Tóibín stated; “it’s not good enough that the Taoiseach refuses to deal with this issue. If the necessary changes are not made this could happen again. It is not a personal issue of the law has been broken, it warrants full independent investigation not the internal review carried out by the hospital. The indemnification by the State Claims Agency of a private company at the centre of these allegations is a public policy issue. It is shocking that neither the government nor the opposition want to deal and resolve this tragic issue at all. We must make sure that this never happens again.”