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“EPA Report Confirms Concerns Over River Boyne” – Whelan

Aontú representative and Save The Boyne campaigner Peter Whelan says latest EPA report confirms concerns over Boyne River.

Peter whelan , who has been instrumental in campaigning to protect the river Boyne and other waterways from pollution stated: “This report confirms exactly what we have been highlighting for nearly a year now . We have been shown footage of raw sewage being pumped into the Boyne at Blackcastle and at Donore. In our many submissions to both Meath county council and subsequently to An Bord Pleanala, we quoted the European water directive which calls on all member states to improve their water quality in rivers, lakes and seas.”

Whelan Continued “This report confirms that Ireland is not doing this. We have to stop pumping sewage and effluent into our rivers and lakes. Our drinking water comes from these waterways. More importantly, the fish and aquatic life which balances these river’s water quality is being affected seriously by this practice.”

“There are many other options for the county councils and major meat plants to dispose of their waste in a more sustainable way. One of these options is being carried out in Kerry by Kerry county council where they are using reed beds to treat waste water in a greener way. Dawn meats in slane Co Meath have an application with an bord pleanala at present. If given, this will allow them to install a 7.2 km pipeline carrying 400,000 litres of treated effluent daily into a protected river ( river Boyne). The European commission has already warned Ireland of its failure to adhere to European directives regarding the protection of habitats in SACs. SACs are a special areas of conservation, which is a category where the river Boyne fits in . I trust An Bord Pleanala will read this report carefully before making their decision on the future of our river Boyne.”




By Aontú Press | 26 October, 2022

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