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DUP Beating the Drums of Loyalist Violence Again

Aontú Cllr for Derry, Emmet Doyle, has blasted the flagrant conduct of Unionist politicians like Sammy Wilson and Ian Paisley Jr to who are beating the drums of Loyalist violence again.

Cllr Doyle:

“The North of Ireland protocol was the agreed legal framework to allow for Brexit – which the DUP were so enthusiastic for – and ensure no hard border returned to the island of Ireland. The DUP backed Brexit and were happy to suffer the carnage of a No Deal Brexit, to the detriment of the people of the north. Now that they have been outflanked and their obstructionist politics have been found wanting, the Unionists are now beating the drum of loyalist violence , seeking to restore the veto of violence to northern Politics”.

“Today Sammy Wilson warned of loyalist violence if the Protocols remain in place. A few weeks ago, Ian Paisley Jr channelled the inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric of his father in his younger days to warn of violence against EU Port Workers – blaming the Protocol instead of the thugs who threaten the violence. As highlighted by my party colleague, Cllr Denise Mullen: ‘we have seen racist graffiti making death threats to the Tánaiste Leo Varadkar saying ‘My Ode to Leo Varadkar: We have a Noose, We have a Tree’ whilst the offices of Alliance Party MP Stephen Farry MP, were vandalised with graffiti saying ‘RIP GFA.’”

“The DUP opposed the Good Friday Agreement. The DUP opposed the Sunningdale Agreement. The DUP opposed the Anglo-Irish Agreement and the May deal. Instead of looking forward to working with nationalists they are looking back over their shoulders at the Traditional Unionist Voice.”

By Aontú Press | 19 February, 2021

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The Irish political system is radically broken

In Ireland the vast majority of elected representatives put a finger in the air to check which way the political wind is blowing. They have one eye on their leaders – seeking brownie points – and another eye keeping their seat safe. If elected reps shut up and do as they’re told, they are promoted; if they stand up for what they believe in, they are demoted. No wonder we have the political class we have. No wonder one point one billion euro is being buried in a hole under the National Children’s Hospital and that Stormont is in stalemate.

Throughout Ireland, many people are now afraid to say what they feel, many are afraid to respectfully engage on a range of different topics. Many feel there is a new censorship and a new political correctness in Ireland, that opposition to the establishment is being deleted.

Respectful opposition is not the enemy. Respectful opposition is a critical element of a functional democracy. Aontú will have the backbone to stand up, without fear, for you.