Aontú’s by-election candidate in Wexford, Cllr Jim Codd, has challenged Fianna Fáil’s Cllr Malcolm Byrne to share his thoughts on Fianna Fáil’s decision not to support the motion of no confidence in Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy.

Cllr Codd said:

“The people in my constituency will take to the polls in two days time to elect a TD to represent them. We know that a motion of no confidence in the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy will be voted on next week. Today we learned that the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party will not be supporting this motion, they’ll be sitting on their hands and abstaining from the vote, like they do on so many occasions, while Fine Gael run communities into the ground.

“Malcolm Byrne should disclose to Wexford constituents the whether or not he would vote no confidence in the Housing Minister. People deserve to know if he is supportive of his party’s decision to remain complacent as the homelessness and housing crisis worsens with each statistic released. If Malcom Byrne is supportive of Fianna Fáil’s line of no resistance to woeful Fine Gael policies that are so damaging to vulnerable people, the homeless of Wexford and other vulnerable people are not served any better by Malcolm Byrne being inside Leinster House.

“I decided to enter politics nine months ago when I discovered a former pupil of mine sleeping rough under a bridge. The state had failed him. He deserves to hear Cllr Byrne’s thoughts on his party’s decision not to support next week’s motion of no confidence in the Housing Minister.

“Fianna Fáil’s defence for refusing to support the motion is that they don’t want a General Election anytime soon, that it would disrupt Christmas. Is it a case that they would rather let my constituents sleep rough on the streets over the Christmas? Fianna Fáil might not want an election, but Aontú isn’t afraid of one.”