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Do not let Westminster impose inhumanity here. Stand up for those who have no voice in society, and speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves! - McCloskey

Speaking ahead of Aontú's Belfast and Derry protests in defence of the Right to Life this Saturday, Aontú's deputy leader Councillor Anne McCloskey stated:

"Aontú, Ireland’s newest all-Ireland political party, will hold a street protest in both Derry and Belfast city centres this Saturday, 24th August. We wish to highlight the imposition of an extreme abortion regime by English, Scottish and Welsh Members of Parliament on the north of Ireland. By legislating in the area of abortion, which is recognised as a devolved issue, Westminster has acted in contravention of the Good Friday Agreement.

"In July, Westminster politicians misused a bill dealing with the timing of elections to force an unrelated abortion amendment through the House of Lords and House of Commons. This legislation will result in the ending of all legal protections for the smallest and most defenceless fellow humans, the unborn. Abortion law is a devolved issue. This legislation severely undermines the Good Friday Agreement and makes a mockery of any semblance of commitment on London’s part to devolution.

"It must be highlighted that Sinn Féin travelled to London to support this bill. Likewise, the leader of the SDLP supported it. While voting to oppose the bill, the DUP failed to use their hold over the Conservative Party to ensure its defeat, in stark contrast to how they have approached other issues.

"Contrary to the repeated insistence of the abortion lobby, there is no international treaty or law that designates abortion as a human right. Rather, it is the right to life which is under sustained attack here and internationally. If Westminster’s abortion legislation comes into effect on 22nd October, as feared, the north of Ireland will go from being one of the safest places for babies in the womb to one of the most dangerous.

"Furthermore, we know that abortion has ended the lives of millions of females worldwide, simply because of their gender. Abortion disproportionately affects the poor, ethnic minorities, the disabled and those who have low socio-economic supports. Abortion not only takes the lives of the youngest, it has significant physical and psychological consequences for mothers also. Abortion reduces pressure on the establishment to provide structural, social and material supports for mothers and pits women against the next generation.

"Aontú’s position is that the right to life is the most fundamental human right of all, without which all other rights are meaningless. We advocate for material, social and emotional support for women in crisis. We endeavour to forge a society based on genuine solidarity, stewardship and supports, a society in which mothers are not pitted against their children for economic or other reasons.

"Already in Britain, the Abortion Act has resulted in the taking of over 9 million human lives since 1967. Do not let Westminster impose such inhumanity here. Stand up for those who have no voice in society, and speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves!"

Join us at 1pm, Foyleside, Derry or at 1pm, Cornmarket, Belfast.

Bígí linn!


By Aontú Press | 21 August, 2019

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