Denise Mullen was born and educated in South Tyrone, during the early troubles, Denise’s Father Denis was brutally murdered by Loyalist assassins, these assassins were facilitated and directed by sinister elements within the police and army. Denise has fought a harsh battle with others to shine a light on the worst excesses of state sponsored terror. She continues to devote herself to forcing legal disclosures in relation to collusion.

Denise lives in Moy and is the Mother of two boys, and whose life is centred around her family and community. Her family are steeped in the culture of the border region. Denise actively helps to develop sporting activities and is a staunch supporter of the GAA as a cohesive and positive organisation. The GAA is one constant in family life and I will be at the forefront of promoting family values through sport. Fermanagh and South Tyrone is steeped in sport and Denise will promote the development of all sporting organisations. Denise Mullen believes in Irish people working together for the delivery of shared values and wealth.

Denise Mullen has strong experience of public life, she has extensive hands on experience on :

Planning committees
Environment committees
Lough Neagh Partnership
Tullyvar Waste Management Committee
Dungannon and Coalisland Neighbourhood Renewal
Dungannon Regeneration Partnership
Peace 1V Committee .

Denise Mullen is very active in the voluntary sector and believes passionately in politicians getting involved in the communities who elect them, Denise is :

A voluntary director of Blackwater Community Barge Project
Member of the Celtic Christian Cross Community Prayer Project and Pro Life Movement
Vice Chair Moy Community and Traders Association
Former Board Member of Victims and Survivors Forum
Member of WAVE and RFJ Victim and Survivor Support Services

Denise is passionate to be part of the All-Ireland, 32 county push to put Aontu at the forefront of national government. As a one Ireland party Aontu is uniquely placed to offer solutions based on tradition and well developed family values. The future is in a shared future and Denise Mullen will leave no stone unturned to deliver a shared future for all the people of Ireland. Our future must be forged on ideas of unity and shared family values.