“The political landscape of Ireland has changed greatly over the past decades, drifting further from the ideals of the 1916 signatories. Over the last few years I have found myself becoming increasing disillusioned with the men and women who lead Ireland and our people. As a young nationalist, I struggled to find my values and beliefs represented by the policies and practices of our political leaders and their respective parties.

Rural Ireland, the Gaelteacht, the Irish language and education, all issues close to my heart, appeared to be of minor importance to our politicians. My increasing cynicism led me to Aontú. In this party, I have found motivation and renewed hope. Their focus on a united Ireland and traditional republican values is inspiring, especially given how most of our current politicians have drifted away from these values. Aontu’s representatives champion not only republican policies, but the environment, the rights of the unborn child, small businesses and mental health.

In Aontú I have found a party that represents a republican vision for Ireland. A party that puts the needs of the Irish people before their own personal gain. In Aontú I have found the party in which I belong”

– Dean, NUI Galway