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Council Must Act to Stop Increased Congestion From Cycle Lane Closure - Nelligan

Aontú representative for Castletroy, Eric Nelligan, has contacted the council after recent cycle lane segregation safety works on Plassey Park Road in Castletroy has begun to cause further traffic delays in the already congested suburb. Mr Nelligan has put forward suggestions that will lessen the impact the works will have on commuters due to increased congestion. 

Mr Nelligan ‘’Early last week, cycle lane safety works were completed on a stretch of Plassey Park Road that is a traffic blackspot during the morning. The location affected is on the approach to the East Gate traffic lights, from the technology park, at the entrance to UL and slightly further up by the entry to Milford Church and National School.’’

‘’I am very familiar with this stretch of road. I pass it every morning on the way to work as I drop my daughter to Milford National School. During the University of Limerick College semester the traffic regularly backs up beyond Oaklawns, Plassey Road and into the Technology Park.’’ 

‘’The recent cycle lane works means that cars are no longer able to cross into the cycle lane to allow 2 lanes of traffic. This occurred as the right turn lane into UL only had space for 7 or 8 cars, once this number was reached the flow of traffic came to a stop. To maintain the flow of movement many vehicles briefly use the cycle lane.’’

“This past fortnight, as the number of commuters into UL dropped. I saw first-hand the impact of the cycle lane works, early in the fortnight I was able to drive straight through the light with no delays. Since the works it has taken 3 turns of lights to make it through, traffic has been backed up to Oaklawns the past few mornings. I dread to think what it’ll be like when the UL semester commences. I foresee extreme blockages and delays”.

“We have seen how the cycle lane on Childers road is causing a backlash from road users. I think this lane will be far worse if the council does not alter the traffic light sequence, bringing more balance during the morning peak hours. Better use of the right turn filter arrow at the East gate entrance, slight adjustments to the timings of road and pedestrian lights will help offset some of the delays”.

“Last week, during the evening commute, there was a minor accident at the entrance to Milford Church. This accident caused significant delays as the cycle lanes could no longer be used to help traffic pass, these delays will be far more common and add further misery to locals and all road users”. concluded Mr Nelligan.



By Aontú Press | 14 December, 2022

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