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“Consultant Letter Dropped like a Bombshell on HSE Plans to Close Navan A&E – Tóibín

In responding to the letter seen by RTE North East Correspondent Sinéad Hussey and written by 17 Consultants from Our Lady of Lourdres Hospital in Drogheda,  Cathaoirleach of the Save Navan Hospital Campaign Peadar Tóibín TD stated;


“This letter has dropped like a bombshell on the HSE plans to close the A&E at Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan.  That 17 senior clinicians who are working at the coalface of the Irish Health Service had to write such a letter to HSE Management is incredible. The letter which has been seen by RTE states that the HSE plan to close Navan A&E will not provide the right care for patients at the right time or at the right place".


“It states that transferring the risk from one hospital A&E to another “will lead to poorer clinical outcomes for patients”. The 17 Consultants said that Drogheda Hospital is at full capacity. They indicated that the experience of Drogheda Hospital would mirror the pressure being experienced at University Hospital in Limerick if the Navan A&E is closed down”.


“It notes that the diversion of acute stroke patients from Navan Hospital to Drogheda Hospital two years ago was done without "without clinical engagement or adequate resourcing". Damningly Consultants only heard about that move through the national media. They go one to say that the closure of Navan A&E will only push current clinicians out of Drogheda to find alternative employment”.


“This is damning stuff. The HSE management are being accused of potentially damaging patient health and of creating extreme A&E overcrowding. They are being accused of no consultation with those who are tasked with keeping us alive. HSE management seem to little respect for elected reps or the Consultants working in their hospitals.  The truth is I have no confidence in HSE management. The Minister needs to get a grip of this situation rapidly. He needs to restore his authority. He needs end the plan to close our A&E and start to fund the acute surgery services in Navan to make it safe for everyone”.


“The Save Hospital Campaign will proceed with the Public Campaign meeting tonight in the Newgrange Hotel, Navan at 8pm. We will bring thousands of people onto the streets of Navan on the 9th of July. We will not let the HSE close our A&E down.     

By Aontú Press | 30 June, 2022

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