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CLLR EMMET DOYLE: Police Must Stop Placements Without Residents’ Support

Aontú Cllr for Derry Emmet Doyle has called on the PSNI to oppose placements of those with serious convictions in temporary accommodation in Derry, especially without consultation and the support of residents.

Cllr Doyle:

“At a special meeting of Council I questioned the Chief Inspector as to why the PSNI were signing off on vulnerable people and those with serious convictions from Belfast and Ballymena to stay in B&B and temporary accommodation in Derry. I’ve worked with the Housing Executive and residents of areas such as Lawrence Hill to seek a resolution to what has become a worrying situation arising from incidents in the City involving those being placed here and it is clear that in approving those with serious convictions to come here, the PSNI are not taking into consideration the concerns of local residents. Residents should be consulted prior to placement, and placements should only go ahead where there is a clear majority of support from residents.”

“I am glad that the Police have now appointed an Inspector to review the process following my representations but it is clear that action needs to be taken to stop placements happening where those involved pose a risk of reoffending in Derry. I will continue to push this issue so that the Police take responsibility and put our residents and City first.”


By Aontú Press | 14 May, 2021

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