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CLLR EMMET DOYLE: Irish Citizens In The North Denied The Chance To Cheer On Our Heroes In Green By RTE!

Aontú Cllr for Derry, Emmet Doyle has criticised  RTE for once again denying Irish people in the North of Ireland the chance to cheer on our Heroes in Green, despite many Irish from the North competing for Team Ireland in the Olympics.


Cllr Doyle: “This is not the first time that RTE have denied Irish people in the North the opportunity to partake in our sporting events and cheer on our sporting heroes doing us proud in International competitions. It is galling for Irish people in the North who are recognised as Irish under International Treaties, to click into the page of the National Broadcaster only to be told “this content is not available in your location.”


"There are athletes from the North of Ireland competing under the Irish Tricolour in Japan right now, but they cannot be cheered on or supported by their family, their friends or their community, because RTE has decided to preclude an entire chunk of the island of Ireland from accessing their services. RTE need to respond immediately and ensure the entirety of the 32 counties can tune in to RTE and cheer on our sporting heroes! Cheering on Team Ireland should be a time of national unity, not needless division.”


By Aontú Press | 29 July, 2021

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