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Cllr Emer Tóibín - Some Members of Management at MCC Need a Reality Check


A Meath County Councillor has today doubled down on her calls for a ‘sea change’ in attitude from Management at the local authority, saying “accountability deficit is becoming the norm with some members of the Executive and they need to be reminded that their role includes keeping elected Councillors in the loop on matters of interest to constituents”.


Aontú’s Emer Tóibín says who represents the Navan LEA says,


“I’m becoming increasingly worried and frustrated by this. I am meeting my constituents all the time; I stay in close contact with them, and I am constantly receiving questions on the status of many issues and projects from scores of them”.


“These are questions that have been emailed directly to various Directors of Services but in the main, no updates have been provided. In many cases these concern important projects that have been in the pipeline for years”.

“Without doubt the vast majority of local authority staff are hardworking and efficient and are very pleasant to work with on a daily basis. Sadly however, the same cannot be said of all the Executive. I acknowledge they may not always have all the answers, but they need to communicate with councillors as to the progress or otherwise of certain issues”.


“Silence is not an option”


“I have explained to them on numerous occasions that we, the councillors, are the conduit between them and the public, and in order for us to do our job well, we must be given the reasons why there are delays or barriers to the completion of very important infrastructural projects across the Municipal District”. 


“I find it exasperating that despite my bringing up this issue regularly, some members of the Executive appear not to take my concerns seriously”.


“In fact, I find it equally exasperating that I should even have to remind the Executive of its responsibilities to the citizens of Navan. It is there to do a job and updating councillors on issues is very much part of that remit”.


“Acting in a high handed, autocratic manner is definitely not part of its job description”.



“The culture has to change. I'm an elected rep, there to represent the needs and interests of my constituents. New protocols must be put in place to ensure there is a shift in how the Executive answers to the councillors in a far more detailed and timely manner. For too long, people of this town have expressed their dissatisfaction with the dearth of information provided by the management of MCC”.


“Like our national government, they are employed to serve the people. Without open, transparent and accountable engagement with the people of Navan and its elected reps, our local authority is not carrying out its role and obligations in the manner that is acceptable or befitting of today's standards of care”.


By Aontú Press | 29 May, 2024

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