Aontú Cllr for Mid Ulster Denise Mullen has panned Sinn Féin’s newfound support for Euthanasia and has expressed concerns over the consequences assisted suicide will have for society’s most vulnerable.

Denise Mullen: “It is of immense concern to myself and many others that Sinn Féin have now announced their full-throated support for the ‘Assisted Suicide’ Bill making its way through the Dáil. This is reminiscent of when Sinn Féin dropped their previously pro-life stance in favour of abortion without restriction on demand, to attempt to woo voters. Euthanasia is not the answer to failures in palliative care. Euthanasia is not the answer to the limitations on our capacity to treat and heal.”

“Assisted suicide recommits elements of our healthcare service to ending life – not preserving and prolonging life. The societal effects are very worrying. In societies where ‘Assisted Suicide’ has been legalised, the regime of Euthanasia does not stay ‘safe, legal and rare’. It becomes ‘common, widely-used and normalised.’ In Belgium, Euthanasia can now be sought by children. In Holland, a 29 year old woman was able to be euthanized on account of her mental health difficulties. Euthanasia where legalised becomes freely and widely available, with those opting for ‘Assisted Suicide’ often younger people. Euthanasia also puts extreme pressure on those who are elderly or those with disabilities, making those people feel as if they are a burden on those around them and should simply dispose of themselves to make sure they are not. Euthanasia is not confined to the decision by any one person, its effect is far more widespread – altering society’s dedication to preserving life.”

“Sinn Féin are rowing in behind this bill after deciding that that is where the votes are – not on account of whether the policy is right. Endorsement of this slide down a very slippery slope will lead to a place where ‘Assisted Suicide’ is normal and widely availed of – with our most vulnerable under pressure to stop being such a burden.”